View Full Version : Vmoo Source Released

August 8th, 2004, 13:38
A bit disapointing this but Dirty Sanchez has posted the source to the VMU emulator for the Dreamcast called Vmoo, heres what he said:[br][br]As I haven't done any work on it for quite a few months and don't really plan to anytime soon, I've decided to release the source for VMoo. I don't really remember the state the code was in, but pretty much everything should be workable. Don't use any VMUs you care about in this as it could very likely corrupt them. [br][br]http://www.bullandfish.net/vmoopvr.tgz[br][br]Lets hope one of our great coders in the Dreamcast scene can release a new version with support for lots of games :)[br][br]In any case thanks for the news :)

August 11th, 2004, 09:05
hopefully someone will pick up the source to this... since it's possible speud will not release the version of vmu-tool with vmu emulation working judging by some of his behaviour recently. :-/