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May 8th, 2010, 00:10
Ive heard of them before, but really started looking at what they could do just last night. and i really want one. I've figured i should either get an Acekard 2i or EZFlash Vi, or a M3i zero, but that last one seems to carry a higher price tag with it. i would love to keep this under twenty bucks, shipping included, as im trying to make my money stretch as much as possible. but this site seems too good to be true. so i figured id ask some people who know what they are talking about before making my purchase.

Question 1: Does this site seem legit?

Question 2: Which Card Should I Get?

Question 3: Are their any other sites you can recomend with either free or relatively cheap shipping, but also sell the cards cheap and will get here fast? (i consider 3-7 days fast, 7-14 standard, and anything over 14 days is way too long)

I dont want to have to wait so fast and cheap shipping really win the battle here. Thanks to anyone who can help me out!

May 8th, 2010, 00:22
1. as far as i can tell, the site is legit as it was used by dealextreme when they carried flashcarts but since they dont anymore they recommend getting them from ndscardsale.

2. if your on a budget get an acecard 2i although you need to be aware of fakes but its the best cheap card out there and has dsi support if you have or get that

3. you could also try shoptemp acecard 2i is slightly higher than shoptemp but they have free shipping from hong kong and i can confirm they sell legit carts

and for shipping reference from shoptemp both orders i have made from them have arrived within 10 and im on the east coast of the U.S. But if you pay by paypal for them you have to email them to pay manually as it doesnt say that on the site

May 8th, 2010, 00:40
so i should be set to order from ndscardsale? just the url itself seems like it might be a fake site, but i guess ill give it a shot, no way to know until you try. if anyone HAS used this site and would like to confirm that they are a good seller, please do so as it will ease my mind after i order

May 8th, 2010, 01:06
read this thread it seems they are legit and sell real acecard 2i