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May 14th, 2010, 15:04

I recently played Transformers Revenge of the fallen NTSC DVD after burning it onto a dvd. The game played fine and i finished it without any problems.

After this i burnt Street Fighter EX3 NTSC CD and onto a CD but when i ran it, to my surprise my ps2 gave me a unsupported format/disc read error instead. when i booted ps2 with SF EX3 it picked it up within no time, meaning ps2 read the game without any prob, but did not run it and gave me a unsupported format/disc read error instead.

So i checked it with pcsx2 and when i ran the game with it, again to my surprise, only this time the game ran and i played training with few characters.

So after that i burnt Tekken 5 NTSC DVD and it ran without any problems too, just like transformers.

Now i can't understand why my ps2 is not running SF EX3 on CD but running the other two games on DVD, i should also tell that i have a MODDED PS2 and i can play any game i buy from the market whether its a CD or DVD but with burnt games i am having problem(CDs).

I checked many PAL and NTSC versions of SF EX3 and wasted my CDs getting the same error. I even checked them on pcsx2 before and after burning and all those versions ran fine on the emulator but my ps2 gave me unsupported format/disc read error i.e unsupported format error when i boot ps2 with the game and disc read error in the browser section.

I used Astroburn Lite tool, with standard CD-Rs, i even checked CD-RW but my ps2 does not run RW, maybe due to the chip but i'm not worried about the RWs, it's the CDs.

Now i am thinking of running the game from USBExtreme way but i am not sure whether it will run in this way or not.

Anyone who has any idea about this, please help me out 'cause i like this game very much and i wanna know whats wrong with my ps2 running market CD games but not running self burnt CD games.

Oh and one more thing, i also ran it with Action Replay V2, which by the way is a 100% genuine and original CD, but ps2 won't run SF EX3 in this way either.

Any help on this matter will be appreciated.


May 14th, 2010, 22:50

February 12th, 2011, 12:05
I am also the big fan of street fighter Ex3.this is one of my favorite game that i played couple in a day.

February 12th, 2011, 22:24
Sorry but we cannot help you as this is classed as the discussion of loading warez. As Qmark says, if you really want it to play it, please buy the game and run it from there.

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