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January 1st, 1970, 01:00
Ian Micheal has released a new version of NeoCD / NeoDC:[br][br]First off this uses stef d's c68k core it's very fast and very well written bordering on my wildest dreams. But it still has some bugs and this is not a full release it's a test so i can get some feed back. Shadows will not flash in this version im using a compiler setting for maxum speed it works but breaks shadows for now.View point no longer works. [br][br]Games with timers some of the are way to fast.Metal slug 1 is fullspeed with a hint of normal slow down only now. Im sure your going to be impressed. Nothing much else to say. [br][br]*Please be my beta tester and give feed back on what is now broken i need help on it. [br][br]Enjoy for now metal slug 1 and 2 are much faster some are unplayable due to speed. Metal slug 2 still has slow down even with massive over clocking speed gets faster and faster and it still slows down. Just to many sprites on screen it seems. [br][br]*Im releasing this because it looks like im going to be busy all week and have no time to do any coding so it would be to long to make you wait to see the speedup the c68k did bring. [br][br]Splash screen is by vampirics music is also by him. Great stuff. This a sneak peak at the final version splash screen art and music. Dont be alarmed first up lot of change.[br][br]Final version will have to included[br]Fixed CDDA on all games. [br]Selectable sfx and frameskip. [br][br]Were not that far away from that now. few months should do it. [br][br][br]Remember this is a beta test holds the place name holder of v9.0 when the cpu core bugs are fixed then it will be released.[br][br][br]List of games 100% speed or over speed are[br][br]Rally chase no slow down over speed [br]3count bout no slow down over speed [br]Metal slug1 slight slow down at parts hardly any. cdda [br]Aero fighter 2 No slow down. over speed cdda [br]Last resort No slow down [br]Street slam No slow down over speed cdda [br]Ragnagard Fullspeed first time cdda [br]windjammers No slow down over speed cdda [br]Super side kicks 1 fullspeed no slow down. [br]Pulstar Fullspeed slight touch of slow down cdda [br]Magic drop 2 Over speed cdda Timer problems [br][br][br]Little changes it tells you when, a game is loading when, it has loaded what, the game name is and when, it's auto saving to the vmu it will tell you onscreen and on the vmu.[br][br]It's uploaded now get it while you can heh.[br][br]Download this release from the official IMR Technology website (http://imrtechnology.ngemu.com/emulators.htm)

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June 27th, 2004, 19:22
Some additional info by Ian:

Speed is good go into kof games select infnite time i was able to play kof games then. When the timer bug is fixed it will fix genesis plus timer bug to so good chance of it being fixed.

Thats why i wanted to let you all see it If we can get a normal running SFX not using 50% cpu time or crashing the emulator it will be near perfect we all want that not 2nd best. There is no frameskip on this yet even thou it jerks on some games it seems it's to fast to update the screen now Render needs more optmizing to keep up with the new cpu core. Not using DMA fixed this but slows it down.

C68k is a great cpu core *bows* to stef d.

The Source code is compileable for devC++ and cygwin and now every one has the correct code. That is the Main thing for this test build. I Cant send it over msn all the time with only a 56k and it's 1.5 meg now not small. So any one can *now* help on on the *CDDA* or *SFX* problem. I dont mind at all really both of those im stumped on right now no point hiting my head on a brick wall every day with no change.

And it's also to let you see the cd interface which i think is near perfect now. And whats in the future a finshed version may look like pretty close might get fancer stuff like that. Lot more options and stuff but that later on please post code changes to the source forge forum there's a forum just for it and for any one that wants to join the project.

Just wanted to show the die hards that have burned every version here is the one version you been waiting for and it was not a waste supporting this project it's close now to being finshed. This is a teaser i know but we all need that some times to build motvation.

Ive been sort of breaking down not enjoying coding or working on any thing. With a little break i will come back stronger and by then maybe every one will have lots of updates for me post them in the forums or email yahoo

reaperangel AT yahoo DOT com 100 meg space there now.

Keep posting timer bugs and problems i know there is quiet a few cant be helped core is new and knowing stef soon will be perfect.

June 30th, 2004, 07:42
Metal slug 1 runs way to damn fast. It runs at abnout 110 - 115% at normal speed which makes is very uncomfortable to play because its insanly hard going to fast.

Didnt see a compatablity topic so here my post.

June 30th, 2004, 07:47
Yeah, Ian spoke about that recently.

Thank you. Feel free to post more reports.


June 30th, 2004, 22:48
Life bars still mess up in many games including all the samurai spirits games.

July 1st, 2004, 19:30
Metal slug 1 runs way to damn fast. It runs at abnout 110 - 115% at normal speed which makes is very uncomfortable to play because its insanly hard going to fast.

Didnt see a compatablity topic so here my post.

heh never thought i see the day people complaining about speed lol.

I know why the bars mess up and the grafix problems Render is not synic to vsynic at the moment drawning the frames to fast.

Not a problem when i have every thing final i will release a build with out it.

Doing so slows every thing down to 80% none of that stops you from playing the games i have them and i can play and enjoy them no worrys.

Not a major problem.

July 2nd, 2004, 04:56
Ian - are you syncing to the vertical blank period? If you use pvr_wait_ready() before starting to draw the frame, it'll throttle back the the same framerate as the video output, and should get rid of any tearing effects too.