View Full Version : DC Speccyal K v0.2 released!

June 27th, 2004, 07:19
_tyrell_ has released version 0.2 of his great Sinclear Spectrum emulator for Dreamcast![br][br]What's new :[br][br]- Added loading/saving of compressed memory snapshots (4 slots available, display free VMU memory blocks). Accessible via start+left trigger. Can be used to save your hardly typed basic programs to memory card or save a game and play it later. [br][br]- Correct border emulation (line by line). [br][br]- Stability problems have been fixed once for all. But unfortunately I had to remove the bilinear and fullscreen options (temporary, I hope), until I find a way to add PVR/DMA support without the previous problems. [br][br]- Autoload of .TAP files ! This will avoid typing the very annoying LOAD"" in basic. Requires 2 additional files on the cd, in the /lib/ directory. Multilevels .TAP games should also benefit from a complete rewrite of the .TAP handling code. Press START + B to rewind the tape if it's necessary (if the game requires to rewind the tape to load a previous level) [br][br]- Fixed the interface issues quite a bit : left trigger = virtual keyboard, right trigger = options, start + left trigger = load/save, start + right trigger = file browser. start is still used in all screens as a confirmation key. [br][br]Get it at http://www.speccyal.be [br][br]_tyrell_