View Full Version : flash cards for ds lite and some other questions

May 26th, 2010, 14:56
im currently using a r4ds that uses the 2gb card but i play alot of homebrew games and apps plus i like to install custome themes so you can imagine i go thru alot of memory, i did do some research but i notice there is so many flash cards on the market,
what flashcard would you recomend that can take more than a 2gb micro sd (8gb would be awsome)

next question has any one used a grip for the ds to make it easer to hold...just i get really bad pains in my wrist.....i used to have a psp phat and omg that killed after 15mins,

any way cheers for the info and im new to the whole ds homebrew....
iv modded 360s,psp,wii so when my gf gave me her old ds lite i was happy lol

May 27th, 2010, 22:19
Your best bet for the ds lite is the acecard2.1/acecard 2i(beware of the fakes though) and cyclods. You could also look into the supercard dstwo that just came out. Can`t help you on the second question,sorry.