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January 1st, 1970, 01:00
_tyrell_ posted some news about DC Speccyal K:[br][br]I noticed that sq_cpy() is quite efficient. It won't replace the pvr dma transfer but it's the second best solution to enhance the rendering speed. [br] [br]Right now I'm busy trying to enhance the files compatibility of dcspeccyalk, by porting a library (libspectrum, thanks to Philip Kendall) to the DC environment but it requires some other specific unix sources as well (GLib, taken from GTK+). So things are progressing very slowly but I have good hope, within the following 2 months, that a correct .TAP (and maybe .TZX) support could be implemented. [br] [br]In the meantime I'll release a version which will bring loading/saving of compressed memory snapshots to the VMU ! This will allow you (for example) to type basic programs and keep them on the VMu for future use. Next version will also bring a rock-stable rendering, and some reworking of the joystick buttons mappings. Also, I'll try to make a video of dcspeccyalk running, which will show the current state and features.[br][br]Visit his website here (http://www.speccyal.be/)

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June 16th, 2004, 18:44
nice to see more progress :)