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June 13th, 2004, 17:59
Ian MIchael and many others have been working hard on a new release of the great Neo Geo CD emulator for the Dreamcast console, heres the long newspost with credits from his site:[br][br] SDL video was converted by SPEUD to PowerVR rendering for this version, which brings many games to full speed. Fosters also helped us with some functions, we did not understand at the time, which fixed the blurred effects we were getting. It is now without frameskip, it's actually not in the code at all - no frameskip is used. I tried code reduction optmizing,this also uses DMA for sending textures. I worked out how to do this by reading lots of topics on how to do it. In the end, it was not hard.This will still suffer slowdown on a few games, but some games are fullspeed, running at 60fps. For example, Aero fighter 2 is 60fps fullspeed with CDDA. You will notice it's up to 10fps faster on many games. Just try v7.1 and this after each other to see the big improvement. League bowling is now 98% fullspeed and not slow.[br][br]Thanks again to Speud, a very talented coder.[br][br][br]List of improvements in this version are:[br]- PVR rendering no longer using SDL for video.[br]- PVR filtering grafix smoothing. [br]- No Frameskip needed- code removed.[br]- UP to 10fps faster. [br]- All clipping problems sides of screen fixed.[br]- VGA support should be center now.[br]- Code reduction optmizing. [br]- Many games have hit fullspeed now[br]- Seems to be some CDDA improvement now with some game tracks [br]- cdaudio(kos) used -By Troy Davis (GPF) [br][br]Issues:[br]- Not all games are fullspeed [br]- No SFX [br][br]Team members active on this version were: Speud, Fosters, Ian micheal. Help and advice to topics I posted and the replies from BlackAura were very helpful. He should write a dc dev book, we'd all buy it. [br][br]CREDITS[br]-Fabrice Martinez - The original NeoCD emulator [br]-Fosters - SDL port [br]-Caz - For the BeOS NeoCD/SDL build [br]-Karl Stenerud - The Musashi M680x0 emulator [br]-Neil Bradley (neil@synthcom.com) - Multi-Z80 CPU emulator [br]-Tatsuyuki Satoh - YM2610 Mame core [br]-Derek Liauw Kie Fa. - 2xSaI engine [br]-Sam Lantinga (et al) - Simple DirectMedia Layer [br]-Quzar- Region selector, frameskip, frame limiting, auto loading, many bugfixes and optimizations. [br]-Speud PVR Rendering- converting from SDL to kos. [br]-Mekanizer - proper vmu display [br]-Blue Crab z80 makefile help [br]-fackue for this wonderful tool NeoCD/SDL DC Selfboot 0.2 This will scan the selected directory for you and let you know if you're missing any files, or if you have the wrong BIOS image. You can then create a DiscJuggler image if the check went OK.[br]-mults 2 shifts (Kamjin) optmizing examples [br][br]Dreamcast Port: [br]Ian Michael , Fosters ( pc author SDL author and support),Troy davis (GPF) , BlackAura (translated x86 asm functions). Splash Screen art created by & vmu icon: Wack0 If I have omitted anyones name in the credits, please let me know, as it was not intentional. Please retest all games and make reports on my forum topic So I can see what broke and what has improved. PS check out the great VMU TOOL by speud one of the worlds best VMU tools. [br][br]Download from Here (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/neogeocdsdl.shtml)

June 13th, 2004, 18:45
Nice Release

June 13th, 2004, 20:42
wow, i thought you were joking when you said release today lol. good job though

June 13th, 2004, 20:53
Bug: The region selector menu is kinda messed up, maybe cause by switching from SDL to PVR. Didn't seem to load my game when I choose to use the region selector, but I only tried using it once.

I can really see the speedup difference in this version. That filtering looks awesome too.