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May 23rd, 2004, 20:02
_Tyrell_ (http://www.speccyal.be) has released the first version of his port of the Spectrum emu for the Dreamcast, heres whats new:[br][br] Emulates the 48k and 128k models [br] [br]Can load SNA / TAP / Z80 (v1.45, v2.01, v3) / SLT / SCR file formats [br] [br]Virtual keyboard to enter any key and thus allowing a greater compatibility. It also allows entering the LOAD"" command on the basic command line to load the TAP file format. [br] [br]Full speed [br] [br]Mame z80 cpu core for great compatibility [br] [br]Beeper Sound and AY-3-8910 sound fully supported [br] [br]Options screen with options to choose the joystick emulation (sinclair1, sinclair2, cursor), the emulated hardware ... Options can be saved on the SMC. [br] [br]Kempston / Fuller joy emulation [br] [br]Easy to use file browser [br] [br]Custom keys : key configs are saved for each game [br] [br]Fullscreen mode [br] [br]Bilinear on/off option [br] [br][br]Download from Here (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/dcspeccyalk.shtml)

May 23rd, 2004, 20:05
What a great release from _Tyrell_

May 23rd, 2004, 21:10
Here are some screenshots :



May 23rd, 2004, 21:32
Thanks, they will be up asap and you will be our newest emu on the middle bar on the site :)

May 24th, 2004, 00:55
Hey - I asked this over at DCEmulation - is it legal to include the "roms" with this download? On Tyrell's site, he has a link for the "roms" download (which appear to be the bios for this emu). I want to make sure it's legal to include those before I release the SBI.

May 24th, 2004, 01:05
its a shame that this has been released at the same time as headline grabbing emulators like gba/neo geocd have been released... its an excellent piece of work, been having a little play with it. great stuff.

May 24th, 2004, 01:37
there are legal roms which are public domainfor the spectrum.

lotsa previously commercial games are now freeware

May 24th, 2004, 02:05
Well, I have released an SBI on DCStuff. It can be downloaded from the DCStuff SBI Page (http://www.sesonsite.com/Ten-321/DCStuff/SBI.shtml).
The SBI includes the roms that were in the download from tyrell's web site. As I said, they appear to be some sort of bios roms or something. If it turns out that they are not legal, please let me know, and I will update the SBI.

May 24th, 2004, 05:28
The ROMs for the Spectrum were released as public domain by Amstrad (I think? Whoever ended up owning the copyright on them), so they should be completely legal.

May 24th, 2004, 07:41
Yes, I can confirm that the roms are completely legal. Basically, you can distribute them freely but you cannot sell them (I think).

See http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&safe=off&th=c7c6be9db6ecba9b&rnum =1&ic=1&selm=37cbc4f5.0%40nnrp1.news.uk.psi.net

And http://groups.google.com/groups?as_umsgid=aoweninoz-1202021254480001%40host213-1-200-120.in-addr.btopenworld.com


May 24th, 2004, 12:55
Thanks guys - checked out the links you gave us tyrell. Seems to be cool. I will leave the SBI intact.

Maybe, if DCEvolution can find a little time on the side, they can put together an image of DCSpeccyalK with all of the legal roms out there (kind of like Ian Micheal did with the Vectrex emu).

May 24th, 2004, 17:35
...On the list ;D

May 24th, 2004, 20:26
Did you post the news of the SBI?

we ought to do a specail release with more roms :)

May 24th, 2004, 20:42
Haven't posted the news of the SBI yet. Was getting ready to do so.

May 24th, 2004, 20:58
Great stuff, nice to see your site getting more visitors hopefully too ;)