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June 22nd, 2010, 21:11
Gioteck reveals the HF-1 PS3™ GamePad primarily designed for First Person Shooters


Gioteck has revealed its flagship product, the Bluetooth® HF-1, a PS3™ controller, designed specifically for the hardened FPS gamer.

The HF-1 Gamepad has been reviewed and tested by numerous focus groups for comfort and above all longevity (anything less than 4 hours game-play a night is ‘part time’ says Gioteck’s Creative Director Andy Green).

The shapes and curves of the HF-1 have formed around their function – consideration has been given to ‘What the best shape is to fit in the palm?’ ‘How does the index finger utilize the bumpers and triggers?’ ‘What’s needed to accommodate the rotation of the thumb joints?’ and even down to details such as ‘Where do the redundant fingers rest?’ All these factors dictated the final shape and design of this Bluetooth® Beauty.

Top of the wish list was juxtaposed thumbsticks a la Xbox 360™ style. Gioteck wanted to make sure they used the best Japanese Alps potentiometers for their sticks, as precision and build quality was paramount for this product. Potentiometer based triggers were added, together with a ‘Flipswitch’ which simply swaps the R1 and R2 functionality, putting the triggers where they belong… On the bottom.

User programmable Turbo was a must for the pistoleros out there, simple hold down the turbo button and the desired action button or trigger, or both for that matter, release, and voila… Turbo on the actions you choose.

Together with a ‘Specials Ops’ black camo fascia and an optional rechargeable battery pack, the HF-1 will be in stores in pre-Christmas!

Gioteck Release the MX-1 Micro Media Remote in the US

http://www.gioteck.com/wordpress/wp-content/media/mx1_news.jpg (http://www.gioteck.com/wordpress/?page_id=120)

Super slick, uber slim, intelligent design in one tiny package.

Control your PS3™ Blu-Ray™, DVD Movies & Cross Media Bar with the roll of a thumb! Every function thoughtfully positioned onto dual rings offering simply what the user needs! No clutter, no superfluous functionality purely intelligent design. With a length of only 4 inches and a depth of just over a quarter of an inch, it takes pride of place in any modern day living space.

Its instinctive control system is designed around the rotation of the thumb, Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Chapter Skip etc are right where you would expect them to be. With short and long press options, only two rings and a center button are required to access all the functionality of the remote.

This is an ideal companion to Gioteck’s upcoming In2Link module system as the In2link hub utilizes a built-in widescreen infra red receiver, eliminating the need for extra IR dongles.

Gioteck broadens their Bluetooth® gaming headset range with the EX-02

http://www.gioteck.com/wordpress/wp-content/media/ex02_newsimage.jpg (http://www.gioteck.com/wordpress/?page_id=54)

Building on the success of the best-selling EX-01 Bluetooth® headset (http://www.gioteck.com/wordpress/?page_id=79), exclusively designed for gamers and gaming, Gioteck now announces a deluxe addition to their headset range, which focuses on long-term game play rather than opting for a ‘catch all’ mobile phone style product.

The EX-02 (http://www.gioteck.com/wordpress/?page_id=54) retains everything that makes the EX-01 (http://www.gioteck.com/wordpress/?page_id=79) great: the amazingly comfortable earpiece created to allow for maximum game time, reversible ear hooks, and instinctive ergonomic controls; while the new state-of-the-art next gen chipset, with built in noise cancelling, gives optimum voice clarity and reduces power consumption so much that the EX-02 (http://www.gioteck.com/wordpress/?page_id=54) can provide over 8 hours gaming time on a single charge.

On the outside, the EX-02 (http://www.gioteck.com/wordpress/?page_id=54) features a sleek new style, customizable with interchangeable
faceplates, starting with a range of cool camouflage designs, and recharging comes courtesy of a slick, magnetic snap charger.

The EX-02 (http://www.gioteck.com/wordpress/?page_id=54) Next Gen headset for PS3™ - designed exclusively for gamers and gaming.

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Source: Gioteck (http://www.gioteck.com/wordpress/)