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May 12th, 2004, 00:56
News from Ian Michael:[br][br] Added Updates From Pc version of the source base Fosters NEOCD/SDL v0.3.0 [br]Added new functions written for the dc version as well. [br][br]V7 has this improvements [br][br]- Bios grafix now, are not scrambled, Press ( Start,a,b,x,y together to enter bios) [br]- Auto saving, No user input needed, look at the, VMU to know when it's saving. [br]- Auto game loading now, waits till you open the lid, before checking for a game [br]- New Progress status tells you what to do and when Should stop any user error's [br]-Control fix now the select button works bringing in game pause and being able to look at and quit back to the menu from art gallerys. [br][br][br][br](Q).What does this mean bios grafix not scrambled [br][br](A).Now by pressing the key combo you can view the Neogeo cd machines, bios And tinker with the, Memory card function it seems to work but you cant, once done this return [br]or load a game from the bios it's more a novelty at this point. [br][br](Q).What does Auto saving mean? [br][br](A). It means no more pressing left trigger, to save. The emulator detect's when the memory card, is being written to. So now, saving is pretty much like the real neogeo machine, and needs no user input, other then . when the game, asks for you to save at points. This does bring a short delay as, it will save to the vmu when the emulator . detects it needs to write to the card. When this happens the VMU will say saving "wait a moment" Warning only use a vmu With At lest 20 blocks free, and dont use a vmu with importain saves or back them up warning dont remove a vmu when the emulator is on it will crash it. [br][br][br](Q).What does auto game loading mean really? [br][br][br](A).New in this version auto loading checks if the lid has been opened, and tells you to take the emulator disk out. It will not thrash the laser like before but only check when you place the, neogeo cd into the dreamcast, and shut the lid. When this is done no user input is needed it will auto load the game wait for it to [br]load. a black screen is normal till a game loads but over 1 min is not normal Check the game list on what works. [br][br](Q).What's a new progress status? [br][br](A).It's a set of txt prompts telling you what, to do and when, to do it, this should make it the most easy, to use version, better then last time. [br][br][br]Some more features are going to be added just to let people know waiting for it this is whats new so-far. User input on what annoys you or things you like the most would be helpfull. I will added the new features and or fixes to this post till the new version is released. V7 Will have a tiny bit more speed. [br][br]Thanks for the support on this project [br][br]Great News, lets hope we see a release soon.

May 12th, 2004, 01:35
Calling this V7 is kinda a huge step.
I mean I think emus should all be . followed by the % complete of the emu. like 1.00 would me full speed sound, features and saving.

May 12th, 2004, 02:09
It is a big step. last was 6.5 only logic. For one you have in game pause now.

May 12th, 2004, 02:31
No speed improvements tho so I dont think all the features in the world would make it a 7.0. Plus the compatablity didnt go up either. I would of called it 6.51.

May 12th, 2004, 09:23
There is some speed improvements as well not out yet..