View Full Version : How to put roms on psp?

August 8th, 2006, 17:50
what format should you put them in? should you unzip them or not. genesis and snes roms i unzip onto the game folder and they work but when i do ones for mame and neogeo it has more than one file to unzip unlike the one file unziped by genesis and snes ones.

Basil Zero
August 8th, 2006, 21:24
It doesnt matter if you unzip them or not, but its best to unzip them, and keep them in zip file, that way the roms take up less space than usual. Like me, i had 156 roms, and only about 24 mb left in my psp, when i zipped all the roms, my total amount of memory went from 24 mb to 112 mb.

You put SNES roms in the rom folder of the emulator folder. Emulator folder, there should be two, go in the one, with many folders, in there, should be a folder called "roms", put the roms in there. Sorry, about the Neo-Geo, dont know, only know about NES, SNES, SGEN, and GBC/GBA.