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AvengedSevenfold Fan
August 9th, 2006, 19:20
i bricked my PSP, but im telling sony it was a bad firmware update, so they were gonna send me a new one because im still under warrenty. but they need proof of purchase so they know it's still under warrenty. but i dont have it. does anyone know a way to find out how old it is through the box or the serial number? or if there is a way to tell what firmware it came with?

August 9th, 2006, 19:21
not really no. it doesnt tell you a specific date. you should have kept the reciept...

August 9th, 2006, 19:27
what happened...
where do you live... dont flatter yourself i just want to know the region.
this is just a little ironic

August 9th, 2006, 19:49
men, why help this dude, he should be banned for all that iso talk he did yesterday!! shadowprophet!! we need ur wisdom!! where art thou?

August 9th, 2006, 19:54
dont hate.

August 9th, 2006, 20:02
Is it a complete brick? or does it still play UMDs by any chance? What made it brick?

AvengedSevenfold Fan
August 9th, 2006, 20:14
a downgrade

August 9th, 2006, 20:16
did you check the pcboard number.

AvengedSevenfold Fan
August 9th, 2006, 20:25

August 9th, 2006, 20:35
thats why you have a brick...
there are plenty of warnings...

AvengedSevenfold Fan
August 9th, 2006, 20:38
i found my bank statement for the PSP which is proof of purchase. so im getting a new one. which will probably be 2.80, so im gonna sell that one on ebay and just buy a 1.5 on ebay.

August 9th, 2006, 20:41
ok. sounds good :)