View Full Version : Need advice on getting passcard 3 or super key

August 9th, 2006, 20:03
Hi all, this is my 1st post here and have a question. I did some research on this site and a few others, using the search and have decided to get myself a M3 perfect SD, and I was wondering if it was best to get a Passcard 3 or Superkey to use with it??

I ask cause I am going to buy my M3 from cheapmod.net, and they only do the super Key. I would rather order all from the same place to keep postage down, but if I will have problems with Super key, then I will order the passcard 3 from mrmodchip.

The Super key and M3 is cheaper than an Passcard 3 and M3. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Quay Cur
August 9th, 2006, 20:09
Both do the same thing, but the Passcard is made by the same people as M3. I would go for the Passcard if you didn't mind spending a little more.

Anyone else know if a Superkey wouldn't work with an M3?