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April 30th, 2004, 04:11
SDL Funvision Emulator-FunnyMu. "FunnyMu is an emulator of the Whizzard, Funvision and Creativision computer/games consoles that were sold in the early 1980s." The VTech Creativision was distributed in Europe (Italy, Sweden and Germany for sure) and South Africa. However it was also marketed in other countries and called the "Dick Smith Wizzard", "FunVision Computer Video Games System" and "Hanimex Rameses". The Wizzard may have been a licensed version for the Australian market since Dick Smith Industries maintained the VTech logo, but the others most likely were clones. The FunVision had a slight alteration that made the carts and cartridge slot larger. This was most likely to prohibit buyers from using FunVision games on the other systems (haha..lame / early try at region protection from imports), but some slight shaving on the sides proved the games were no different.The Authors Site can be found here. Here you can find the source code, a selfboot CDI and the scrambled bin. This is not an official release from IMR technology.


fullspeed and sound keyboard only any one want me to finsh it one day?

April 30th, 2004, 04:13
Di-cksmiith is aussie inventor. Thingysmith is not right lol