View Full Version : Need help with mame4all V4.92 for PSP

July 21st, 2010, 20:16
Hi everyone I have firmware 1.5 and have set up the following emulators for the PSP: atari 2600, SNES, NES, Commodore 64 , colecovision and intellivision without any problems.

I have tried the original release of mame4all and it works so- so (have about 60 or so roms working at the moment).

The problem is that I want to upgrade to mame4all 4.92 . I have followed the intructions in the read me txt and i am using the base install included in the file (for firmware 1.5) my question is what eboot goes in the % folder?
It is not included in the download and I have searched the web far and wide for an answer.

Alternatively I have tried re doing my MAME roms to .34 to see if the original Mame4all (in which the donwload included a % folder) would work better but it does not (I tried converting with clrmamepro)

any help on what I need to do to get 4.92 working in my 1.5 firmware would really help (I really do not want to upgrade the firmware as i have spent years setting up the other emulators and everything else works fine).

thank you in advance for any help.

July 23rd, 2010, 02:43
I guess 97 views without an answer means it was a good question and not a stupid one like I thought...