View Full Version : GBA Homebrew Idea?

July 23rd, 2010, 18:09
Hey guys!

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but i have a rather odd request if anyones willing to take it on.

I acquired myself a game boy printer and sure its great and all but it would be awesome if someone could create a piece of GBA home brew that was like a word processor, and had the print functionality. (Among other things such as print darkness, etc...) Sure a game called Austin Powers - Oh Behave! has this function but its rather rubbish. Print quality is always light, and sometimes its just a total mess.

If anyone's willing to take this on i'd love to know and would be willing to help in form of beta testing and stuff. (Because im the one with the Printer n stuff, unless you got ur own :P )

- Have a nice day! :D