View Full Version : Serious problem with wifi pimpstreamer and pspradio that require internet dont work.

August 11th, 2006, 17:07
Hi all.
Ok iv come to the concusion that something is not working. I got devhook on my v1.5 psp and internet works fine whether i play wireless multi with friends or online or if i surf online ect.
But i cant get pimpstreamer to work and i cant get pspradio to work.

pspradio...i copied the two files onto my v1.5 psp and when i wanna listen to shoutcast i must put wifi on in the program dont i ? but it says "error starting network". :(

pimpstreamer... i copy the two files over but when i go into the program it says current stream directory : "error connection to host and thats what my ip is on the comp.

am i doing something wrong? :confused:

Last thing does anyone knowa program on how to rss stream music from ur computer to your psp?