View Full Version : NeoCD/SDL (Metal Slug) Version 4!

April 8th, 2004, 23:34
Ian Micheal has just released version 4 of his NeoGeo CD Emulator (http://imrtechnology.ngemu.com/index.html) for the Dreamcast, heres the news from his site:[br][br] Bet you thought you'd never see the day, that Metal Slug would be running on your Dreamcast. Well, now it does! That is if you own the Metal Slug Neo Geo CD! I have gotten both Metal Slug 1 and 2 running in this release of the NEOCD/SDL emulator (version 4).[br][br]Many thanks go out to speud for supplying me with an example frameskip code that helped me implement frameskip more suited to what I wanted in this version. Quazar also helped with frameskip examples (sorry for ommitting your name in the previous post Quazar! I didnt realize I did). And a big thanks to Fosters for the Dpad control update. We both figured out what was wrong with metal slug to at the same time, so thanks to both of us :)[br]If my brain will let me, i might actually try to take a bit of time off over the weekend (not likely though hehehe) Happy Easter! [br][br]Download from our NeoGeo CD Page (http://www.dcemu.co.uk/neogeocdsdl.shtml)