View Full Version : PSP 2.6 -> 1.5 Downgrade Success Story

August 12th, 2006, 08:34
I had been using the GTA exploit to run homebrew on my 2.6, however the playability of ROMS was unacceptable to me. So I decided to downgrade.

Problem: I'm out of town and the only computer I have access to is a Mac. Uh oh.

Regardless of the fact that I was going to go on one of the most dangerous missions ever undertaken by mankind, downgrading on a mac, I knew I had to do it.

So after spending a good amount of time finding a way to unpack a rar on a mac (I used UnRar), I began the downgrading process.

I paced around and my blood pressure rose above that of Sally Struthers.

I waited, ever so apprehensively.


Now to start playing SNES, woo!

But wait! I can't use Sei PSP tool on a mac? Nooooooooooooo!

After spewing curses that would make a drunken, grizzled sailor cringe, I figured out how to put snes9xTYL on there without it. Yes!

But now I have a very unstylish corrupted data file. Blasphemy!

Thanks to wikipedia's page on psp homebrew however, I learned how to use the __SCE__ and %__SCE__ prefixes to get rid of it.

And I did all this on a god-forsaken Macintosh.

The internet is so useful. Well, I hope I inspired some hopeless PSP owners.

Hang in there, you'll figure it out.

I'd also like to thank everyone here at DCEMU for making such cool homebrew and helpful tutorials. Without this site I would never be playing Super Mario RPG on my PSP right now.



August 12th, 2006, 10:23
ty, and use custom firmware, lets you play 1.0 eboots so it's more organized

August 12th, 2006, 17:07
nice success story. its inspiring :)

August 12th, 2006, 17:08
can somebody lend me the game?

August 12th, 2006, 17:10
gta? sure, but it depends on where you live ;)

August 12th, 2006, 18:59
Downgrading on a mac is quite easy if you have UnRarX that is. Mac's are all I use.

August 12th, 2006, 20:21
Yeah, the downgrading wasn't so bad; it's the mac's incompatability with many PSP programs for the computer--Sei, PSPersonalize, etc.

Custom firmware? Like Xflash or whatever? I was looking into that yesterday but it was too late for me to try it.

What are the pros/cons of custom firmware?

August 12th, 2006, 22:14
What are the pros/cons of custom firmware?

August 13th, 2006, 01:20
Well done buddy welcome to 1.5!:D