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August 12th, 2006, 17:04

Memory card specifications supported by digital products today vary – digital cameras mainly use SD, mobile phones use microSD, while Sony products only support Memory Stick. Now, Kingmax is offering the new multi-function microSD card to resolve this dilemma.

Kingmax's Multi-function microSD card consists of three parts, microSD, SD Adapter and MS Pro Duo Adapter. When paired with SD Adapter, it is fully compatible with all digital products that can SD cards. And when paired with MS Pro Duo Adapter can be used on all products supporting Sony Memory Pro Duo. Meeting these different specifications, the Kingmax Multi-function microSD card is truly "multifunctional". It can also be used in microSD mobile phones, SD digital cameras/PDAs, PSP game consoles and Sony DC/DV/mobile phones for ultimate digital enjoyment.

microSD is now the mainstream technology specification for next-generation mobile phone memory cards. According to assessments by most research organizations, of all the card phones sold in 2005, 29.5% were for microSD memory card phones. This figure has continued to rise, reaching approximately 45% market share for the first half of 2006. However, the microSD's advantage in size represents a towering technical barrier for many producers. In fact, only a few companies in the world are capable of mass producing large-capacity microSD memory cards, which require advanced packaging and stacking technology. Kingmax, the leading brand in memory cards, is one such company, currently supplying 512MB microSD utilizing cutting-edge SLC to ensure high speed, power saving and long lifespan. Furthermore, Kingmax's proprietary patented PIP technology enables its microSD products to be completely waterproof, shock/fold-resistant, and heat-resistant for greater product longevity.

Kingmax's highly sophisticated technological prowess brings today's hottest memory card – Multi-function microSD, to most digital platforms, including Sony, providing you with more digital entertainment options!

The highest microSD card that I have seen is 1GB. This is great for those who have microSDs around the house and want to use it for their PSP. It may be available at any of the online retailers they have linked to.

Source: Kingmax (http://www.kingmaxdigi.com/news/news_product/news_p20060714.htm)

August 13th, 2006, 23:48
Here is more information regarding the product. It seems that a 512MB microSD is included. It is available in Japan for the price of 3480 YEN.

Here is the link (http://akiba.ascii24.com/akiba/news/2006/08/11/663980-000.html) to more information regarding the product. You can use GOOGLE or any other online site to translate.

Here is a rough translation by GOOGLE:

By the fact that the adapter of attachment is installed the micro SD card “Multi-function micro SD which” it can utilize as the SD card, or memory stick Pro Duo appeared from Kingmax. The micro SD card where the SD card adapter belongs has already been sold, but it is very unusual for the memory stick Pro Duo adapter to belong.

By the fact that the adapter of attachment is installed the micro SD card “Multi-function of Kingmax make which it can utilize as the SD card, or memory stick Pro Duo micro SD”. As for capacity 512MB.

The micro SD card where demand by the portable telephone and the like is anticipated, size 15 (W) ×11(D)×1 (H) is only a size about of the nail of mm and the thumb. In addition, because the SD card and the mini SD card and there is compatibility, if the SD card adapter is installed, as a SD card it can utilize. Furthermore the memory stick Pro Duo adapter has belonged to this product, if this adapter is installed, it is available as a memory stick Pro Duo. Because the necessity to purchase the SD card and memory stick Pro Duo separately, to use properly is gone, we would like to play back the picture which was photographed by the digital camera and the portable telephone, with such as PSP it is very convenient when. As for capacity of the micro SD card with 512MB, as for price it has reached 3480 Yen with personal computer house Toei Co., Ltd. and techno house Toei Co., Ltd.

October 11th, 2006, 05:15
so, it's a converter so you can use memory sticks on sd card things?

October 11th, 2006, 12:46
so, it's a converter so you can use memory sticks on sd card things?
There are two adapters, SD and MSPDuo. It uses the microSD card. So if you have a product that uses SD, use the SD adapter and microSD. If you have a MSPDuo product, use the microSD and MSPDuo adapter.

October 16th, 2006, 20:51
that's pretty sweet i guess. probably won't ever buy it though.