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April 7th, 2004, 18:22
Chui has today released a Massive image of all his games released so far and a few more, heres the scoop (thanks to CyRus64 (http://www.boob.co.uk) for this news.)[br][br] Chui has created a self-bootable discjuggler image containing 8 Fenix and 8 'for-dreamcast' games. The package includes the following: ARK-4, Cubomania, Paf, Tilt, FliPull, Fish Dish 2, Vegetas Wrath II, Invasion of the Evil Cats, The Monkey King, Dcircus, Vectoroids, Defendguin, Tetris, dRxLaX, 3d Invaders, and Rise of the Triad. [br][br]Download here --> http://www.gp32spain.com/public_ftp/fenix/fenix-dreamcast-pack1-discjuggler.rar[br][br]We will have it mirrored locally asap.