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August 9th, 2010, 16:23
(Final product)

Gameworld Direct is truly excited to exclusively launch the amazing Toggle Master, an innovative controller add-on which dramatically enhances game accuracy and endurance.

Toggle Master is a revolutionary thumb holster which allows fixed connection to your Xbox 360 or PS3 controller analogue stick.

This allows for total control and accuracy. Never before has such a low cost device made such a huge difference to your game play. Toggle Masters unique design is comfortable to wear due to its soft plastic material.

It looks cool with a 2 tone colour changing heat sensitive property.

http://www.togglemaster.co.uk/cache/prototype5_jpg_d7369a9ae72e62514eb634796be492b3.jp g http://www.togglemaster.co.uk/cache/prototype23_jpg_9bcf4cf13e48db1e46f2c9d4008fc921.j pg
http://www.togglemaster.co.uk/cache/prototype14_jpg_7a9532c8ab609da8244e45e7aa1db505.j pg http://www.togglemaster.co.uk/cache/prototype15_jpg_6e900f41f0710be3264b07e9b4a9bbfe.j pg
(Images are of prototype)

Additional prototype images and story behind it can be found in source link below. Item retails for 7.99 and comes ni blue or pink. It can be purchased at Gameworld Direct (http://www.gameworlddirect.co.uk/toggle-master/toggle-master-total-thumb-control-connect-xbox-360-ps3.html).

Source: Toggle Master (http://www.togglemaster.co.uk)

Images via comments