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August 9th, 2010, 22:37
Newly released today


features•Recite your favorite word and see what monster is created! Or, if it's too loud to speak, draw a silly picture and see what monster appears. Unlock a secret method of creating monsters as you play through the game! You can even combine your favorite monsters to create a new, more powerful monster!
•Find the best strategy to raise your monster on a weekly basis — too much rest or too much of the same training can be ineffective!
•Not only was the training and management portion of monster breeding brushed up, but there are also many instances to fight rival breeders in the game as well!
•Battle your friends locally or online! Friends can also combine their monsters to create exciting new types through a local connection!
•Choose attack techniques to be placed in the “short,” “medium,” and “long” ranges and execute them when there are enough points in the guts meter. If no technique is selected for a range, it becomes a defense panel and evasion skills are improved at that range
•Favorites such as Monolith, Gali, Mocchi, and Suezo rejoin the cast of monsters in what can be called a Monster Rancher series compilation