View Full Version : uO gpSP kai folders

August 10th, 2010, 01:54
Uh, hi Guys, i'm new to GBA emulation in PSP, and also in this forum.
I have a very noob question...
when i downloaded the emulator, it came with some folders, but none of the folders were equal to my friend's, and he was the one who told me about it.
so, I didn't knew what to do, so i just created a folder "GBA" and put down my ROMs there.
later on, he was asking me for cheats, and then i saw that thread here... and discovered about .CHT files.
the problem is... i can't seem to make them work.
i don't have any folders to put them in... so it's like this:
PSP->GAME->uO_gpSP_kai_test[...]->GBA->The the ROMs.
and then, I ask you...
which folders should i create, on which folders should i put everything, like the .CHT, the ROMs, the save files, and etc.
A print screen should do...
I corrupted the data, and now, i can download some better organized version, with all the complete folders, or something?
can someone paste the link, please? ^^