View Full Version : Another Asteroid Clone 0.98

March 31st, 2004, 21:16
A new version of the Asteroid clone for the Dreamcast, heres whats new:[br][br] Fixed:[br]-Reported Bug on collision Detect, and unreachable Asteroid[br]-sound issues[br][br]Added:[br]-2nd Player and options[br]-Manual Shields with Bubble around ship[br]-Hyperspace[br]-Super Weapons with visual meter[br]-Ship thrust Animation[br]-Ship Explosion Animation[br]-Berzeker and Smart Mine AI complete[br]-Score with Bios Fonts[br]-Added a fun little feature.. took about 2[br]hours with a logic analyzer to figure out :)[br]-TV output doubles the pixel width of the lines[br]to improve the image. [br][br]Download here--> http://homebrew.dcemulation.com/aster.shtml