View Full Version : Fenix runtimes will be ported to the Dreamcast

March 29th, 2004, 17:56
News From Dreamcast Scene (http://vidgames.de/dcs/index.php?id=60) [br][br] The Spanish programmer "chui" annouced that he will port "Fenix", which is a scripting language designed to create console-like 2D games, to the Dreamcast. A GP32 port will follow right after it. [br][br]Get more info about this project here: [br][br]http://sourceforge.net/projects/fenix[br]http://fenix.divsite.net/index.php?opcion=1?=en[br]http://www.talfi.redtotalonline.net/e107/forum_viewtopic.php?3.3494