View Full Version : Super Steal- Dreamcast

August 21st, 2010, 19:38
Woah. Just woah. I just got a Dreamcast for twenty dollars.

Two controllers, a VMU, and eight games. So much win! :thumbup:

I feel like I almost stole it... but I didn't.

Just people thinking old consoles aren't worth money. Oh well? There loss.

Anyways, the point of this post.

What should I expect? I hear that it has no, absolutely no, piracy protection.

Does this mean.... BACKUPS ERRYWHERE? Lot's of Homebrew... no solderin', all that good stuff?

I sure as hell hope it does. Because that is a pirates dream.

It's my... DREAMCAST.


Alright but seriously, I've read around on the forum, and I thought I'd join, if not to get the scoop on what to get, what to do, what to expect. You know?

I can't wait.

I hate soldering by the way. :p

August 23rd, 2010, 05:55
Well, piracy isn't allowed on this forum, as the rules clearly state. There's plenty of homebrew for the Dreamcast, which is what the whole site you're on is about.