View Full Version : The Offical, Unofficial Phantasy Star Online HOMEBREW SERVER Webpage

March 24th, 2004, 16:32
News emailed to me which Dreamcast owners will find very interesting:[br][br] Ive never posted a report here. To me this is really big! Phantasy Star on Dreamcast is just as good as its Cube and Xbox counterparts. Why they didnt combine servers is beyond me. Anyway to the meat of my report. SCHTACK has put up a working server for dreamcast users. Go to this website http://schtserv.funurl.com/ For all the info and how to connect back to the one of the coolest Dreamcast games. The website is very well done and explain how to connect using Dial up, BBA and pc. Hope to see you all online. At the moment you need PSO version 2. Ive seen it at gamestop for $3.99