View Full Version : 4GB Xbox 360 arrives in Japan on Sept. 9

August 24th, 2010, 20:27
Microsoft is launching its cheaper 4GB XBox 360 S in Japan on September 9. It'll sell for the same 19,800 ($235) price as the original Arcade system, and will come packed with a wireless controller, AV cables and an AC adapter. No big surprises. It makes even more sense to have a cheaper Xbox bundle in Japan than it does here, since Microsoft has to do something to try to sell some of these.

What is a bit more surprising, considering the stealth launch of the accessory in America, is that Microsoft officially announced a separate 250GB hard drive for Japan at the same time. The 15,540 ($184) price is a good indicator that people should seriously just buy the 250GB Xbox 360 bundle.