View Full Version : Activision reveals Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock pre-order bonuses

August 24th, 2010, 20:28
You already know that buying Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will net you the Soundgarden album, Telephantasm.* But did you know that pre-ordering the game from either Amazon or GameStop will net you real-world totems that proudly proclaim to friends and family that you were unwilling to miss out on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock on day one?

If you go the brick-and-mortar route with GameStop you'll get an exclusive pair of "wings" for your axe, seen above on the left. Pre-ordering at Amazon guarantees an exclusive custom guitar strap designed by My Chemical Romance. If it follows in the proud tradition of other things designed by My Chemical Romance, such as their name and their music, you can sign us up.

*As an aside: Activision touts this as "the first time a new music album will be simultaneously released and bundled with a video game, and will be exclusively available with the game for one week prior to the album's retail release." Once we have reached that level of specificity, is it really still a "milestone"? If so, this morning marks "the first time we've written about Soundgarden while wearing the blue plaid sweatpants we like so much." Please update your diaries accordingly.