View Full Version : Atari mines its 2600 catalog for 'Atari's Greatest Hits: Volume 1' on DS

August 25th, 2010, 21:13
Atari released a collection of classic games on DS way back in 2005. The publisher has announced a second DS collection of 2600 classics -- this time, without any "remixing." Atari's Greatest Hits: Volume 1, out this November, is a compilation of fifty Atari 2600 and arcade games, ranging from the legendary (Centipede, Tempest) to the somewhat obscure (the Swordquest series, Human Cannonball) to Math Gran Prix (Math Gran Prix).

Twenty of the titles (including Pong, Space Duel, and Outlaw) will have single-card multiplayer for up to four, which makes sense given how little data would need to be transmitted to send the whole game ROM out over wireless. Check out the full game list and a trailer after the break. Something tells us that the footage in the trailer isn't authentic DS gameplay. Something like the fact that the screen images are wider than actual DS screens and aligned incorrectly.

This is great news for retro gaming enthusiasts -- except for the ones releasing Intellivision Lives!, who we imagine didn't expect to be competing with the 2600 again.