View Full Version : Sony: New IP, not Xbox battle, is our barometer of success

August 26th, 2010, 19:01
Sony believes that the success of its studios should be judged more on the performance of new IP - rather than comparisons with the firm's rivals.

Speaking to OPM roving reporter Ben Wilson at Gamescom last week, Michael Denny singled out Heavy Rain as a prime example of a fresh franchise gone right.

As well as promising "many more exciting announcements" from Sony, Denny said that Heavy Rain had single-handedly birthed a new genre for games - the cherry on the top of its commercial triumph.

When asked if Sony measured its success against Xbox 360 and Wii, Denny said:

"There are a whole number of metrics we could measure success by, but for me on a worldwide studios side of things, there's nothing more gratifying than when we break new IPs - innovative games we bring to PlayStation fans.

"In a year like the one just gone, you look at a game like Heavy Rain. A lot of people questioned whether that was risky and whether it [could] stand up. But I think that's what really brings the pleasure of working for Sony first party - we're willing to take some risks and look at innovation.

"I think that what that game's delivered is fantastic - it's not only new IP, but I think it's created a new genre. [It's had] not only great critical acclaim, but great commercial success as well."

Heavy Rain has shifted over 1.5 million copies this year, and a movie based on the game is reportedly in the works.