View Full Version : Dragon Age: Origins -- Ultimate Edition' rated by OFLC

August 26th, 2010, 19:32
ragon Age Origins - Ultimate Edition has yet to be officially announced, but it has now been rated by Australia's OFLC. Previously popping up as a GameStop listing with a $60 price and an October 12 release date, the re-release once again prompts us to blankly stare in EA's general direction until it confesses like a mage in the Chantry. We've sent couriers off to EA for official comment.

It's not quite the "Dragon Age Molybdenum" edition, but one can safely speculate that this "Utlimate" package would include all of the Origins DLC, along with the recently announced "Witch Hunt" add-on. With Dragon Age 2 half a year away, it really is time to wrap up Origins in a nice bundle.