View Full Version : Shank devs looking into busted 360 Achievements and chugging cinematics

August 26th, 2010, 19:32
Recently released kill-em-up Shank has split critics 1UP says it's the "freshest, most unequivocally rewarding beat-em-up game to come along in almost a decade" while Gamespot claims "style can't quite overcome the lack of substance in this fun though shallow brawler" but surprisingly it's also caused a fissure in the console world. So while the PS3 version continues along, with no problems in sight, the Xbox 360 release suffers two issues on certain systems.

First, users who played the Xbox Live trial and then eager to continue their kill-a-thon purchased the title to start earning some of those sweet Achievements ... well, we've got bad news. Klei's Jamie Chang writes on the game's site that "if you unlock the Trial on the 360, there's a chance that the first two achievements are not unlocked." The good news: the team at Klei has "already got a fix for this" so you'll get your 'cheevos just as soon as that's rolled out.

The other, and less significant, issue: chugging cinematics. Cheng notes that "older Xbox 360's have slower disc access rates, so the opening cinematic chugs, and loading between levels takes longer." This never came up in testing and doesn't actually affect the gameplay in any way, but that's got to be doubly annoying. Slow load times off a hard drive?

The good news is, we're hearing about this is on Klei's site very soon after complaints started appearing on message boards, and Cheng and Co have already pledged to address the issues. And, as a sort of strange, machete-themed penance, they're offering the above image in wallpaper format. We imagine it's metaphorical: Shank is Cheng, and each machete is for one of the aforementioned bugs ... or it's just a picture of Shank. You could interpret it either way, really.