View Full Version : SCDSTWO SNES Emulator Beta soon

August 26th, 2010, 22:24
It isn't without pleasure that I announce you the near release of the SNES Emulator for Supercard DSTWO. The emulator makes use of the cart's onboard CPU to supposedly run games at full speed, but unfortunately still won't support games that embedded co-processor chips on their cartridge, such as the Super FX, rendering a few games incompatible (among which StarFox).

To find out more about this beta version, which we unfortunately cannot release right now, stay tuned for a mini-review from GBAtemp reviewer lilsypha who will tell us her first impressions: does the emulator make the most of the onboard CPU? how is the compatibility? what features does it offer? The answer to all your questions in a few hours...

All we know for now, and this comes straight from the Supercard team: they will be releasing their final version as open source, in an effort to help third party developers to make better use of the Supercard DSTWO SDK.