View Full Version : Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition is a gamble

August 27th, 2010, 20:06
In honor of Dead Rising 2's Vegas-like Fortune City setting, Capcom is taking pre-orders on an exclusive gambling-themed limited edition of the game -- which means you now have your choice of DR2 special editions.

The "High Stakes Edition," available only from Capcom's online store, includes the game; a poker set with 100 poker chips, bloody playing cards, dice, and a dealer chip; a Fortune City visitor map (which doubles, conveniently, as a map of the game's locations); and a Terror is Reality ticket with a voucher for a "Psycho" costume and skill pack.

One of the $90 bundles will include a golden Terror is Reality ticket, which will entitle the lucky winner to a six-foot "Burt the Zombie" replica. That's right, you pay $90 for the chance at winning a big prize (well, among other things). That's gamblin'. Kind of. We'd argue that the real winner is anyone not burdened with a giant zombie statue.