View Full Version : And Yet It Moves turns to European WiiWare

August 27th, 2010, 20:07
And Yet It Moves, Broken Rules's cardboard-style, world-rotating platformer, is available for download on WiiWare in Europe today. You'll have to move 1,000 Wii Points out of your account to purchase the game, which came out this Monday in North America. WiiWare is also host to Tales of Elastic Boy Mission 1, a 600-Point sort-of platformer starring a little slime creature that can roll and attach to objects with its stretchy arms.

Meanwhile, DSiWare in Europe has myNotebook Carbon and myNotebook Pearl, two variations of Nnooo's notebook app. Also available: Where's Wally? Travel Pack 1. Yes, Wally. He always seems to be hidden behind Waldo.