View Full Version : Yamauchi: Gran Turismo 5 has optional 10GB install

August 30th, 2010, 15:20
Yesterday, while answering Gran Turismo 5 fans' questions via his Twitter feed, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi made a fairly startling announcement. Though the game will only require a 256MB pseudo-install on the PS3 hard drive in order to be playable, Yamauchi suggests players reserve 10GB of HDD space for the smoothest possible gameplay experience.

Yamauchi's 140-character missive wasn't able to explain exactly why the game has two install options, or how much of an improvement the 10GB installation would offer. Not that this should matter much to folks who own a newer PS3 with a beefier hard drive -- though folks with one of the older 20GB models probably have a few difficult deletion decisions to make if they pick up Gran Turismo 5 when it launches November 2.