View Full Version : Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep not coming to PSN

August 30th, 2010, 15:47
Late last year, we heard a pretty troubling rumor about Square Enix's first keybladed outing on the PSP, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep -- that the game wouldn't get a downloadable version on the PSN, thereby preventing any PSP Go owners from getting their hands on it. It's almost nine months later, and Square has finally commented on the rumor, confirming to IGN that "Square Enix, Inc. currently has no plans to release Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep through the PlayStation Store."

Considering Birth By Sleep is one of the highest-profile releases on the platform in some time, this is an awfully disheartening turn of events for owners of the download-only handheld. We've contacted Sony and Square Enix to find out the reason behind the title's absence from the PSN.