View Full Version : 3 Stories - One Smarter Than The Other

August 31st, 2010, 23:51
PSJailbreak - who is behind it? I got three possible stories for you, decide yourself which is the most possible.

Story 1: GeoHot ?!

Geohot disappreaed soon after his PS3 exploit. Suddenly the PSJailbreak appears and people who are linked to him in several ways; for example xorloser, confirm that the stick is working - way too fast. Aswell the stick; according to mathieulh, uses GeoHots' exploit. Could it be, that he planned his quit of the PS3 scene to prevent legal problems while realeasing a Jailbreak for the PlayStation3?

Story 2: Origa Brothers ?!

One of the brands the Origa Brothers use is TITAN. TITAN appeared in several pictures on the PSJailbreak official website. Was the original name for the stick TITAN? Maybe they used the PSJailbreak name, to consciously point the people to GeoHot to hide themselves? Did the webmaster just **** up by posting the image with the TITAN brand by mistake?

Story 3: The unknown ?!

Was it really a team, completely unknown by everyone in the PS3 scene? Possible, but not as cool as the stories above, right? ;-)