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September 1st, 2010, 19:07
An open source alternative to the PSJailbreak hack called PSGroove has been released to PlayStation 3 owners this morning.

The release takes the form of a download package that users must compile and then transfer across to a AT90USB or related microcontroller found in USB development kits such as the Teensy++ or AT90USBKEY. These small dongles are typically available for around 25.

The open source version of the jailbreak is effectively a clone of the commercial hack, which has yet to make it in volume to the modchip suppliers, but it features a couple of fundamental changes over the original.

Firstly, the patches injected into the PS3 to re-route Blu-ray traffic to either the internal hard drive or an external device have been removed - this means that the ability to play "backup" games simply isn't possible in the open source version of the hack, although there is nothing to stop the less scrupulous swapping in the original PSJailbreak payload.

Secondly, the developers have removed code found in the original Jailbreak that locks up the console if the dongle is removed, meaning it is safe to remove the homebrew version of the device whenever you want.

With the piracy elements of the hack expunged, what remains is the ability to install unsigned, unencrypted code onto a retail PS3 - clearing the way for homebrew development. The open source nature of this release also means that any one out there who wants to add to or improve the code in the basic hack is free to do so.

If the release of a working hack isn't bad enough for Sony, the open source code also proves publicly that no copyrighted Sony materials are used in triggering the exploit. Previously it was assumed that the hack was based on Sony's own service mode hardware, but in actual fact the hack only uses the same device identifier. This will undoubtedly have some bearing in the firm's current, ongoing legal challenges against PSJailbreak resellers.

September 1st, 2010, 22:07
I just bought my 'PSJailbeak with PSGroove' on eBay for 35. :)

I'm wasting no time with the PS3 for the homebrew scene, which will be the biggest thing since the PSP and the long awaited re-boot for DCEmu. :cool:

Hopefully, I can provide a service to those unwilling to either make or purchase the device and unlock a number of PS3 units. :p

September 1st, 2010, 22:22
nice one vamp

September 4th, 2010, 13:51
OK, given that I don't own a PS3, nor am I ever likely to, I do find it frustrating that the PSGroove team have put limitations on their software. What's wrong with people being allowed to back up their games and play them directly from the hard drive? I did this with my old XBox 1 (which still works with XBMC BTW) and it was great. I never stole or pirated anything. At best I would buy some games, back them up and then sell the originals. No one lost, because I already paid for the games - and the people I sold to were looking to buy second hand games anyway. I just ended up paying a much fairer price for my media.

As I said, I don't own a PS3, nor do I even know anyone who does. But this just seems stupid, like boxing with one hand tied behind your back. I hope some other teams think about this again and release code in the future that is truly unrestricted.