View Full Version : Sega teases 'top secret' Valkyria Chronicles project

September 1st, 2010, 19:08
A Sega-registered website is teasing an unveiling related to strategy RPG series Valkyria Chronicles -- possibly of a new sequel. Andriasang stumbled upon Code1935.jp, which features several Valkyria-esque soldiers' silhouettes, a tank and a missive that the "top secret" site is not to be opened until September 16. The date coincides with this year's Tokyo Game Show.

What we can surmise from the site is that we are looking at a new Valkyria Chronicles, likely with a different squad -- perhaps not even Gallian. If "1935" in the website's name represents the setting, then it might take place during the events of Valkyria Chronicles 1. However, the large sword in the middle is unfamiliar, and "Altaha Abilia 422" doesn't ring any bells -- according to Wikipedia the slogan means "Always Ready."

We'll be at the ready to share more, like if the series will continue on PSP or in some other unexpected form, when we gain more intel.