View Full Version : Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Slated For December 1st

September 1st, 2010, 19:23
And thus, we learn the battle for the soul of Japanís monster-hunting community shall pan out as such:

On October 14th, Square Enix will fire the opening salvo with Lord of Arcana, led by none other than General Bahamut. Shortly thereafter, Namco Bandai will retaliate with a volley of their own in the form of God Eater Burst, on October 28th.

Once both companies are done destroying the otherís forces, Capcom will swoop in with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on December 1st and claim the land and its people as their own (We doubt the people will mind). A fleet of Rathians will then be swiftly dispatched to burn every leftover retail copy of Lord of Arcana and God Eater to the ground.

But wait! Hidden in the shadows, lurking, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, are SEGA with Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity. Intelligence tell us SEGA are the most unpredictable of all forces and must not be taken lightly.