View Full Version : Crackdown 2's Toy Box DLC released

September 2nd, 2010, 22:37
Ruffian has thumped out the Toy Box add-on for Xbox 360 game Crackdown 2.

It's free and offers six arenas to play Vehicle Tag in, a Thruster ability for reaching level six in all Agent skills and the Keys to the City cheat mode.

A premium Toy Box pack has been released, too, priced at 560 MSP (4.80 / 6.72).

For that you'll get a wall-climbing mini-tank and a four-player/four-weapon helicopter; new weapons - a gravity bender, portable launch pads, bouncing grenade, thrusters and attachable Mag grenades; two Avatar costumes; 10 new Achievements and eight Agent suit colours.

As with other Crackdown 2 DLC, the Toy Box premium content is usable when playing online multiplayer with a friend who has paid for it.