View Full Version : Andriod Port Work-in-Progress for PSGroove

September 3rd, 2010, 00:00
With PSgroove out and about, people are busy working on ports to hopefully be ran by other means than just a USB board.

Netzke is working on a port for Andriod phones, he supposedly is getting ready to beta test his port, you can read about his updates on his twitter.
To quote:

Im currently working on a android port of PSj. You can follow my progress on. Look me up on twitter and blogspot.

Currently the only real requirement is that your phone be rooted and running an android OS.

Also this is not limited to just phones. You can also use an android tablet. Or any other device you have that runs Android os. It appears to work on my netbook as well.

Iím very close to producing a fully working bug free app for this.