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September 7th, 2010, 13:35
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Announced last week , Waninkoko released a port of the handheld PSFreedom Dingoo A320 , allowing to use it as a dongle Jailbreak PS3 .

Dingoo A320 equipped to Dingux
a PS3 with firmware 3.41
The PSFreedom Dingux for : PSFreedom

. Rename the file for your version of screen ( or PSFreedom_zImage PSFreedom_zImage -9331 - 9325) in zImage . You must know your screen version if you have installed Dingux .
. Place the zImage file on your mini- SD.
. Start Dingux and wait to boot the kernel completely .
. It 'll just connect your PS3 to your Dingoo launching Dingux and then follow the usual procedure .

Unplug your PS3 , connect with your Dingoo Dingux lit on it , plug your console , and press power button shortly "Eject ". Now let the magic play .

If all worked well you should have the same screen as the image below : attached

Do not forget to copy the file on your PS3 Manager.pkg using a usb fat32 .

September 7th, 2010, 20:55

how to use "psfreedom-jz4740.diff" in the "kernel-patch" folder?

Edited: I thing the file "psfreedom-jz4740.diff" is the "source code" for PSFreedom Dingoo and "zImage" is already patched.

Sorry for bad english!