View Full Version : psp planet issue #3 is finally here!

August 17th, 2006, 05:25
a few changes hold square and move anologe stick to scroll down or across, the news may be a bit old since it is way overdue but here it is. for some reason the link to it stopped working so i posted it as an attachment, thanx to all the people that downloaded before the link went bust.

August 17th, 2006, 05:31
finnaly but the interview is old the best part aka the secret is out

August 17th, 2006, 05:33
if you would like to discuss this issue or any other issues you are always welcome to sign up here


you do not have to join if you dont want, please do not think this is spam or advertising

August 17th, 2006, 05:36
o well i am sure we will have many more secrets to share in future issues.

all that matters is that it was a secret at the time:D

August 18th, 2006, 06:25
gizmo could you do another interview for the next issue?

August 18th, 2006, 06:26
lmtlmt dude we all forget ones in a blue moon but you know there is an edit button right

August 18th, 2006, 06:28
yeah sorry, i just find it quicker this way, it future ill edit my posts instead

August 21st, 2006, 07:32
gizmo lets start right away i'll send you a pm

August 21st, 2006, 07:55

August 26th, 2006, 00:30
the link no longer works I'll have to fix that

August 26th, 2006, 01:44
i fixed it it is now an attachment on the forum instedv of a link