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September 15th, 2010, 22:18
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ODAMEX is a modified Doom source port. Supported platforms are Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD.

Odamex 0.5.0 (r####)

Odamex 0.5.0 should be officially released on August 24th, 2010.
General Odamex Changes:
Dozens of bug fixes and code optimizations.
Further improved netcode for large games and coop.
Improved weapon/item desync issues.
Improved Odamex protocol.
logfile ccmd reimplemented and improved. Servers now log at start up by default.
Added new console command waddirs. This command, when set by users, will allow odamex to search any directories listed for iwads and pwads.
Boom editing features are now fully supported.
Chex Quest now recognized as an iwad. It will automatically load chex.deh along with chex.wad if it is found.
Removal of gold team support. Odamex will eventually move towards dynamic team settings.
Odamex Client Changes:
New reorganized, scrollable menus.
Fix saving/loading for single player games.
Allow resolutions to be set manually when "autoadjust_video_settings" cvar is disabled.
Addition of Chocolate Doom´s Endoom viewer. Toggled with r_showendoom cvar.
ALT+F4 now brings up the quit screen on windows platforms.
Odamex Server Changes:
Most server cvars are now preceded by a sv_* prefix. For more information, visit server variables.
A new cvar, sv_motd, which will display a "Message of the Day" to any connecting clients.
Changed cvar co_level8soundfeature to be under server control.
Odamex Launcher Changes:
Improved GUI.
New graphical ping indicators.
New server detail window which shows server version, revision, and settings.