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September 16th, 2010, 22:16
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D2X-XL is an OpenGL-port of Descent II. Supported platforms are Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Fixed: Exiting a Descent 1 level that had been entered coming from a secret level bumped the players back to the level they just exited
Improved: 3D shield boost powerup is better visible
New: Hoard orb can now be rendered as 3D model (sphere)
Fixed: Due to a recent addition, multiplayer was broken
Changed: Camera outputs will now only be displayed across their entire face regardless of any resulting distortion
Changed: Replaced messages ´Prepare for Descent´ with ´Loading...´ and ´Setting up Renderer´ with ´Prepare for Descent´
Fixed: There was a small bug in ship physics
Fixed: The program didn´t reliably switch to the screen resolution stored in the active player profile at program start
New: Added support for variable player ship energy capacity
New: Added support for third ship type (´heavy fighter´ with max. 150/300 shield, max. 120/240 energy, 90% of standard ship speed, built-in ammo rack)
New: You can now specify ase model file names for standard, light and heavy fighters in d2x.ini (-medium_ship, -light_ship, -heavy_ship)
Changed: When changing the ship in-game, the player will not lose a life, but respawn with the energy and shield the abandoned ship had (up to the maximum allowed for the new ship)
Changed: The light fighter will only have a maximum energy capacity of 90/180 units
Changed: The light fighter will not be able to carry Fusion guns
Changed: The standard ship will not be able to carry triple Fusion guns
Changed: Other than in nostalgia mode, the ammo rack will only increase the standard ship´s transport capacity by 50% (was 100% before)
Fixed: The program crashed when trying to display the exit door animation during the initial Descent 1 briefing
Fixed: Auxiliary cockpit views were transparent when using unenhanced stereoscopic rendering
Fixed: Effects weren´t properly rendered when using stereoscopic rendering
Fixed: Players who had triple fusions could only drop one fusion gun
Fixed: Players who had triple fusions would only drop one fusion when their ship was destroyed
Fixed: Savegames weren´t properly restored anymore
Fixed: Damage lightning wasn´t shown all over hires models
Fixed: Auxiliary thrusters didn´t fire as they should during certain flight maneuvers
Changed: Switching to another ship in-game will cost the player a life
Fixed: Auxiliary views didn´t show gun fire, missiles and effects (effects will only be shown at highest render quality)
Changed: The inventory can be turned off (meaning invuls and cloaks collected by the player aren´t stored but used immediately)
Improved: Pressing F4 will now drop markers that do not rotate. CTRL+F4 will drop rotating markers. ALT+CTRL+F4 will drop a spawn marker. CTRL+R in the automap will toggle the highlighted marker´s rotation
New: Support for Joffa´s and MetalBeast´s ´Phantom XL´ Pyro model (ship can be chosen when creating a new game or in the gameplay options menu)